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So long as an evil deed does not ripen, the fool thinks that it is like honey, but when it ripens, then the fool comes to grief. (Dhammapada, Verse 6) See more about Buddha's Dhammapada and Ram Bomjon here ).  

Below is the snapshot of Avenue TV taken in Feb 2012, during my captivity, during the preaching of Ram Bomjon, when his attendants attacked the present journalists an broke their cameras. Shown Darshan Subba Limbu in striped jumper, in which he was also repeatedly sexually abusing me just a few minutes behind the Maitriya stage, in the jungle, quoting the "guru" as giving him permission "to do with Marici anything you want". I was tied on chains purchased by Jas Waiba for 3 months. The residents of Halkhoriya compound all knew about this. The rapes were occurring during the Maitri Puja 2012 celebrations, in the breaks between chanting the Seven Prayers. Currently the cult had got governmental support from PM Koirala to continue similar activities. The Nepali leader had accepted my torturers in his office room on 22 October, promising them support to pursue their activities in Halkhoriya Jungle. In Shishil Koirala's office was present Tomek Tarnowski (Dorje), who brutally attacked and tortured me with ropes in October 2011, and was keeping the keys from my 6 lockers on my heavy chains, torturing me 3 months in 2012 at Bomjon's order, and who broke the cameras of the journalists on the below Avenue TV video. In the meeting was also present  J B. Waiba who purchased the chains at Bomjon's order and knew about my torture, and who reportedly bribed the police chief to stop investigation in the case when the guru and his people attacked his own mother and siblings.










The TV documentary about Bomjon taking 2 women captive

Visible results of Dharma Sangha's and his attendants' torture in 2012:













More photos see in the above article   

Bomjon and his lamas attack 2 villagers on Sep 2, 2014














Note: before condemning anyone based on media news, the full truth should be checked with local villagers, the victims themselves and neutral witnesses!

Online Nepal: Fight broke out between Ram Bamjan’s followers and local villagers

4 people were injured in a fight between local villagers and the followers of Ram Bahadur Bamjan who is well known as an ascetic person. This fight was happened when the followers of Ram Bamjan started to beat the local villagers for entering the jungle without permission. This fight was started when the villagers found that they had beaten one of the villagers named ‘Utim Guro’ vary badly all night tying his hands. In this fight, Ram Bamjan’s followers, Samir Gurung, Rup Bahadur Thing and Lama Balak are injured. Similarly, one villager, Rakesh Guro is also injured. Police has started their investigation for kidnapping the villager. Ram Bamjan has apologized on the behalf of his followers being such rude to the villagers.


Ekantipur: Locals clash with Bamjan’s followers

BARA, SEP 02 -

At least four people were injured when a clash erupted between locals and devotees of Ram Bahadur Bamjan, known as Buddha boy, at Halkhoriya on Tuesday. The clash flared up when around 100 locals intervened to rescue two others who were held captive by Bamjan’s followers since Monday.

According to local resident Jagjiban Kumar, the two sides clashed after Bamjan hit the locals with a stick. He said that the two captives were, however, released later. Uttim Guro and Sonam Kumar, both of Nijgad Municipality-11, along with their friends were said to be on their way back from work in India when they were captured.

The incident came to light after the duo’s friends informed the locals about what happened, after fleeing the incident. The injured, Bamjan’s followers Rup Bahadur Thing, Samir Gurung, Nagraj, and Rakesh Guro,have sustained injuries to the heads and bodies.

According to Police, who reached the site after being informed, said that Bamjan told them that he directed his followers to take Uttim and Sonam under control after ‘they under the influence of alcohol shouted offensive slurs’. Inspector Kailash Rai said that they will start investigating the matter.

Bamjan has been living in the forest at Halakhoriya for the past two months. 

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Any questions concerning who is Maitriya Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, what is his his true activity, what are his Siddhis and secrets, can be answered by Marichi at uncensored@zoznam.sk.







The elements described in Wikipedia about the Dajjal (the Deceiver) are very much matching the widely known working methods of Ram Bomjon and his plans. Of course this can be seen only by those whom he still did not manage to deceive fully, or to those who had been deceived but God had still saved them and opened their eyes (like me, Marici).

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Do not attack goats: attack people!


Bomjon's "great fight" against harming animals for sacrifice would be a nice campaign if it would not involve another aspect to it: replacing attacking animals with attacking people as a way of "a new dharma". The list of attacked people (some of theme even kidnapped, held captive and raped) is getting just too long. In Bara everyone knows about them, and for the Nepali public this aspect is not unknown. That's why no one in Nepal takes seriously his false "animal-rights" campaigns. They are saying: first YOU stop to be violent to human beings, and then we will also stop be violent to animals, sacrificing them. But should not a "guru" be the first example to fulil his own "moral precepts"? If he was ever real, than yes.

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Ram Bomjon's Inner Voice


Why was Bomjon's "new dharma" called by him Bodhi Shrawan? Because Shrawan means "heard". He is establishing a pseudo-religion based on hearing the inner voice he is generating in his followers' minds. By this inner voice he is able to manipulate events according to his plans. People consider this inner voice a "divine guidance" and it appeals to them that he "cares" about their lives on a private and intimate level... This illusion is the weapon which is going to dissolve the dharmic base this universe...


How to recognize Maara


People do not know what is Mara's voice, how to distinguish this being of destruction from divine beings. A good tool can be a book about Buddha, which gives us a lot of clues about the tactics and working methods of Mara, the mean manipulation sold as "help" and "advice", the suggestive temptations posing as "inner voice", the uncompromising commands posing as spiritual guidance and terrorizing with his might, wrath and power above everything material, when trying to destroy those who did not fall into the previous traps...

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From Paul to Shaul


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Dear Maitreya Natha!I


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Maitriya Guru's FIGHTCLUB


"The first rule of the Fighclub is: You do NOT talk about Fightclub... " ,  "we're looking to a way to change the world" (does this sound familiar?) see more in the film Fightclub or ... in Halkhoria, Nepal.



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Secret esoteric weapons of Mahasambodhi disclosed to Jas Waiba


" He later hinted, however, toward some esoteric power that could possibly render the weapons of the world completely useless." http://sathyasaibaba.wordpress.com/category/ram-bahadur-bomjon/

As there had been some news about young monks seeing the huge weapons of Dharma Sangha, I think it is time to take Bomjon's Armageddon seriously...I am reposting this article published first 2013-11-30.

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My December 16, 2012 letter to Andrea Good is invalid


In the endless despair of not finding any reason, explanation or sense in the captivity/persecution/torture/rape done by Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha against me during the 3 first months of 2012, I was in a process of intensive inner and outer search during the months after the terrible experience. I was unable to find relief in a simple rejection of the whole hypocritical and sick world of Dharma Sangha, but I was also unable to continue in my previous total "Bhakti" towards him...

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What is a sword usually used for?


150px-kali.pngAs we can see on this cartoon style image of the demon Kali, responsible for the decay of Dharma in this age, he is also using a sword, it is not connected to only Maitreya or protector gods....The article published on 2013-05-01 should be not forgotten by those who claim that a sword is a sign of an enlightened Buddha... Updated.

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