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Kehi satkar aadi paun chhalkapat gari dhong garne ra bodhisatvalayi avmulyan ra padbhrashta garn vividh aakshep lagaune, garne laune ra so kamma sukhiprakat garne yi kuachar lokma kasayibata pani kahilayipani nahouna! 

As to craftiness, cheating, and pretending to be faithful in order to aquire some honour, falsely accusing and attacking, bringing miscreants to humiliate and corrupt the position of bodhisattvas and to express joy in such actions;  may these mean habits never happen in anyway!  

Dharma Sangha: Mahapranidhana

Translation: S. Gyurme, A. Good.   

As to banning certain devotees from holy places and from gurus, but favorizing other ones - in the name of protecting a Guru, 

- manipulating ignorant devotees to turn against other devotees - in the name of protecting a Guru,

- tricking and encouraging stupid devotees to act immoral deeds and break the Shila of sexual purity among themselves, in a holy place - in the name of Sangha,

- inciting devotees to desecrate meditating yogis and yoginis and to desecrate their holy places - in the name of protecting a Guru,

- publicly ridiculing and desecrating the devotee's original Satguru, the devotee's Gods, the devotee's inner path - in the name of Dharma,

- publicly ridiculing devotee's total devotion to the Guru - and making a public entertainment of their humiliation - in the name of Dharma,

- using tricks and lies to lure devotees to absurd captivity and senseless torture - in the name of a "purification process" from their "bad karma",

- spreading lying gossips, falsely accusing devotees of spying, witchcraft and disturbance of a Guru - in the name of protecting a Guru,

- misusing devotee's naive trust in the Guru to throw them in front of demons - in the name of fulfilling the desires of the Sangha of Asuras,

- forcing devotees to be sexually abused by other devotees and showing joy at such humiliations - in the name of "purification process" and a senseless "punishment" for sins never done,

- forcing devotees to write and sign letters claiming they are mentally ill and that they want to make suicide - in the name of protecting the Guru and Sangha from the Law,

- spreading lies about devotees in the sangha and media - in the name of protecting the Guru's and Sangha's reputation,

- stealing and desecrating the holy objects, holy texts, protection strings, vibhuti, drawings and notes about yogic states, music records of prayers God of other devotees - in the name of Dharma,

- robbing devotees of their modest valuables and of their intellectual property - in the name of Dharma,

- inciting ignorant and innocent devotees to hatred, violence and lies against other devotees - in the name of protecting a Guru and spreading the Dharma,

thus feeding the demons of enemity of certain devotees against other devotees continuously, month-by-month and year-by-year, - in the name of protecting a Guru, in the name of Dharma and in the name of a "purification process",

and failing to protect one's devotees against all these demonic actions and evil people,

let these things never ever happen again in Halkhoriya, Nepal and in the whole world, by the deeds, words and thoughts of any guru, any dharma and any sangha!

Chhotapranidhana of Marici Punarvasu 


The reputation ratings previously published here had been repoerted as manipulated by the IT tricksters of the Sangha of Maha Sambodhi Bomjon (main is Semyon Shekovstov). While the investigation is taking place and proper lawful measures will be provided, the widget of the statistics-site is taken off. Thank you for understanding. 



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 This is one of the videos which had been deleted, as a result of the reputation-clearing by the Sangha, from its original source (Nepali TV) and saved only on private blogs. The adjacent Nepali article text is copied here as well. 

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I don't have anything against real Gods of Hinduism or Buddhism: but sincerily I do not recognize any divinity in the painted images of the Seven Deities spread by Maha Sambodhi's Sangha, and to me they directly represent that shameful time when I had been kidnapped, tied in the forest and tortured. The deeds of Sangha during their painting and during the Maitri Puja 2012 had been clearly absorbed in the images of these deities. It is impossible to create divine images in the atmosphere of sinful deeds... God wants us to be sincere. I am here  expressing the feelings of many devotees, who are only afraid to say it aloud or write it down...


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The Andy Good led Sangha had closed the Original Google Group for a main reason: not to allow newcomer devotees to have access to Marici's old writings from the time when I was a manager (2008-2011). So now Andy and her people can easily claim that Marici was writing very negatively about Dharma Sangha... So I have decided to gradually give access to these old GG texts to anyone interested. My principles were always  transparency and truth. Sadly the main object of my writings, Dharma Sangha himself, had betrayed these principles long ago... So it is already just about sad nostalgy and about the proof that Sangha had been persecuting me on a false basis.


Request to delete my Hungarian and Czech translations on Maitriya.info website


The Sangha of Mahasambodhi is using my Hungarian and Czech translations on their website Etapasvi.com (Maitriya.info) to this day. Your negative actions, and the encouragement by your Guru to do them, grew into such size that I decided to take back the permission to publish my translation work on your websites (any of your websites) and forums.